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Our program is designed to improve your overall credit score and educate you on maintaining EXCELLENT credit.


We teach you how to manage your credit

No matter if you are single or married, we have you covered.

We Change Lives One Negative Account at a Time

  • Collections

  • Charge Offs

  • Late Payments

  • Bankruptcy

  • Inquiries



Classy Clients - Classy Results


Tyshion P.

Facebook Review

This credit repair gets results within 30-00 days.
You have to sign up with classy credit if you need to repair your credit.


Juliet A.

Facebook Review

90 for 90 program sounds good.


Kenneth N.

Facebook Review

The best in the game!! Thank you help . My score is over 700.


Ericka S.

Facebook Review

Thank You so Much. you are truly a blessing to us.


Tierra S.

Facebook Review

I had no credit, and credit is important to have. So I was recommended by other companies that would help fix my credit, but their prices were too expensive. That's until I found Classy Credit Repair, a credit specialist that was able to help me go from no credit up to 654 credit score within two months, for an affordable price!


Bridgette C.

Facebook Review

Classy Credit Repair has really help me out . Classy credit repair has gotten 16 items deleted from my trans union credit over $18,760 removed and Experian she had 9 removed so far out of 15 still been worked on over all she has improved my credit score to where I’m on the beautiful home that I always wanted.

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