refund + cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your account at any time. At the time of cancellation, you will be billed the remainder of your account balance. Payment is expected in full immediately. Please see full cancelation policy in enrollment agreement. 

2.Cancel 30 days before next monthly charge.

3. If you cancel services in the middle of a dispute round you will be charged a prorated amount for services worked. 

4. Canceling services does not negate from financial obligations. 

Refund Policy

Enrollment Fee can be refunded if services is canceled within 3 days of enrollment. After 3 days enrollment fee is non refundable. 


Money Back Guarantee

If you are a client for 4 consistent months (with no infractions) and have not disputed any accounts 6 months prior to signing up for our service, you qualify for a full refund of your money paid (minus enrollment fee as it consists of digital products) if we can not get any accounts deleted or repaired from any of your credit reports.

 Infractions consist of:

Inactive credit monitoring 

Late Payment for Monthly Fee 

New Negative Accounts after services has begun 

new late payments on open accounts